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AI & Blockchain Summit
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This November in Barcelona, which is one of the top Tech cities in Europe, InnMind is a privileged partner to lead the 3-day dedicated program at AI & Blockchain Summit to discuss the future of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and IOT, real-world applications and share practical experience of its implementation in Smart Cities, governments and public sectors.
We will have 3 days of intensive networking and expert discussions, demonstrations of outstanding technical innovations and the most important technical developments.
We'll cover topics around blockchain implementation for smart city, mobility, smart payments, cyber-security, and smart government, connected with cross-sector IoT, AI, and deep tech, etc.

The Summit aims to share knowledge & facilitate networking. Enjoy the business development opportunities, innovative environment and facilitated communication!
The Summit covers
                        topics ranging from Smart City
The Summit covers topics ranging from Smart City, government and public trends & challenges, technology & infrastructure, finance & investments to regulations & law.
Real life cases
Real life cases
You will learn about real-life applications of blockchain in different public sectors & user cases directly from industry leaders.
Panels &  Workshops
Panels & Workshops
Insightful visionary debates during panel discussions, and practical industry insights on dedicated workshops & seminars.
>Healthcare, Insurance, Automobile, Banking
Healthcare, Insurance, Automobile, Banking, Trading & Finance, Logistics & Supply Chain, Media & Marketing, IP rights & many more.
Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Big Data, etc.
3 days of in-depth debate on essential topics
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Top News

Smart City Funding Gets Smarter
Due to an increasing popularity of big cities, it becomes clear that the "concrete kingdoms" have to combine new technology with urban planning, rethink the management processes of energy transport, business planning and much more. With the use of innovative technologies, cities are able to reduce resources spending, improve the infrastructure and ...
AI & Blockchain Summit Is Getting Bigger!
George Gor, CEO of, the world's known Blockchain news outlet, commented about the partnership with AI & Blockchain Summit in Barcelona 2019:
"Spain is a land of progress in the field of FinTech, that's why it's an excellent place to hold an event like AI & Blockchain Summit in Barcelona. Around 1% of our 1/2 million views per month come...
La española GeoDB lanza un mercado para democratizar la compraventa de datos
En la era digital, los datos se han convertido en un bien muy preciado. Según la consultora IDC, hoy se generan más de 2,5 trillones de datos cada día, aunque solo entre el 5% y el 10% se explotan, y los ingresos generados por el mercado del big data alcanzarán los 251,8 millones de euros en España este año y más de 50.000 millones en todo el mundo.
TrustMeUP, la Blockchain rafforza la fiducia nel circuito delle donazioni
Una risposta in chiave blockchain arriva dalla piattaforma TrustMeUp, presentata per offrire un sistema trasparente e incentivante per il sostegno alle iniziative filantropiche, sociali e sportive. In buona sostanza le associazioni no profit (sportive, culturali e charity) hanno la possibilità ...
AI & Blockchain Summit