23-24 November 2018

Basel, Switzerland
2 days
with exclusive content, intensive networking and face-to-face meetings
2'500+ attendees
investors, politicians, executives, experts and startups from all over the world
CHF 500 bln
funds operated by a joint network of institutional and private investors
In Switzerland, the center of the financial world, we bring together knowledge & expertise from Europe & Asia, North & Latin America, Australia & CIS region.
The place where global leaders come together to discuss & share possible solutions for the pressing issues that blockchain industry is facing today.
The Summit aims to share knowledge & facilitate networking. For that we have: match-making app, meeting rooms & special networking events.
The Summit covers topics ranging from industry trends & challenges, technology & infrastructure, finance & investments to regulations & law.
Business cases
You will learn about real-life applications of blockchain in different sectors & user cases directly from industry leaders.
Panels & Workshops
Insightful visionary debates during panel discussions, and practical industry insights on dedicated workshops & business seminars.
Healthcare, Insurance, Automobile, Banking, Trading & Finance, Logistics & Supply Chain, Media & Marketing, IP rights & many more.
Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Big Data, etc.

Agenda & Topics

Day 1: "Salus populi suprema lex esto"

The 1st day will be dedicated to an introduction of the global changes that mankind has experienced and will experience further in the future in the light of blockchain development: what the trends are in the most progressive states of the world, what the future of investment will be based on and how our social interaction can be enhanced with the use of Blockchain.

The basis of the entire system of political, social and economic interactions is about to be altered for something potentially advantageous. We invite the world's top experts to help everyone to understand how tomorrow's world ecosystem exactly will work.
Day 2: "In magnis voluisse sat est"

During the 2nd day the scope will be on the current phases of technological and economic development: the most sophisticated experts will share their latest updates about modern Blockchain protocols and insights into the crypto economy-rise.

Speakers will explain which protocols and architectures are truly the pillars of the next generation business and financial operations; which spheres of ICO and DApp development would survive; how to work with ones crypto-assets; and how different entities from individuals to investment funds and even states, benefit from investing their resources into crypto currencies.
Global Effect & Financial Regulation
Let's discuss with decision makers the Blockchain integration and political drivers into states' operations, Institutional development and trends of blockchain implementation
Economy Revival and Advance
How do smaller states initiate and promote government programs for Crypto and Blockchain development? Let's discuss the real cases of the next industrial revolution
Institutional and corporate investment sector
How do investors look at the Blockchain and the Crypto sector? Let's learn first hand from them about the pros and cons of investing/investments in Blockchain; learn about their experience in portfolio management, their strategies and services
Crypto Exchanges and Trading
How do centralized Exchanges exist in a world of decentralized currencies? Let's talk about centralized liquidity domination, DEX development and lemmings on the market, explore trading must-knows from professionals; marketmaking and AML risks.
Securities and Asset Tokenization
Experts from VC and IB talking about Securities, Bond and Asset backed tokens in decentralised applications development
Blockchain Philosophy
Let's recall the essentials: what is it? Keeping it decentralized, anonymous, community-oriented, smart solutions based vs private blockchain, sidechain, regulatory control
Marketing disruption and new media on Blockchain
We want new ideas to be shared with the market and we welcome all blockchain oriented media give their insightful advice on how to enlighten, promote and stay in touch in the conditions of bans, restrictions and unawareness.
Social Side of Blockchain: Diversity and Inclusion
Let's explore humanitarian side of blockchain and its potential to create positive change across the globe. How exactly DLT can influence the increase of diversity and inclusion across industries, countries and social layers?
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Blockchain Leadership Summit starts:

The biggest industry event in Switzerland
called "the New WEF in Blockchain"

About Summit

"Making the world of crypto larger. Bringing people closer."
Summit's mission is observing the world of blockchain and presenting the latest insights and cases from industry leaders, visioneers, developers and experts to public.

Its the highest value we hold in delivering the truly valuable insights to technological advance, financial wisdom and mechanics and ways of converting the traditional businesses, industries and social economics to the new era of shared value.

The Blockchain Leadership Summit is designed to become a continuation of our event earlier this year with a deeper immersion into the rise of the new technological revolution.

The primary focus of this large scale event is to Unite the brightest minds of the developing industries with the whales of the fiat world, Let the most promising projects and start-ups learn about entering and changing the market and See how politicians, businesses and individuals would change the world around us by implementing blockchain and accepting crypto in their cashflows.
Initiated by:

InnMind - the leading platform for startups, investors, experts and ecosystem players. Place, where innovations and tech companies get funded, accelerated and grow internationally.

Launched in 2016 in Switzerland, today InnMind connects over 20000 of industry professionals from 70+ countries worldwide.


Prince Michael of Liechtenstein
Chairman of Wealth Preservation Experts & Chairman of Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG
Shuonan Chen
Founding Partner at IOVC & Agile VC, CEO at Shinect, Board Member at North America Blockchain Association
Denis Dovgopoliy
ICO investor, Managing Partner at GrowthUP Group, President at the GrowthUP Accelerator
Rik Willard
Founder & Managing Director at Agentic Group, CEO at Global Blockchain Technologies
Aparna Krishnan
Co-Founder of Mechanism Labs, founder of Education Department at Blockchain at Berkeley
Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna
Partner & Leader
PwC Legal Switzerland
Rohan Nasir Chaudhary
Co-Founder of Inkrypt,
Freedom of Information Advocate
Sergei Sergienko
Founder and CEO at ChronoBank,
Director at Edway Group,
Tech Investor
Elliot Feeny
Senior Associate at BTC Labs, Strategy at,
Blockchain Media Specialist
Kairat Kelimbetov
Governor of Astana International Financial Centre, Republic of Kazakhstan
Amalya Yeghoyan
Deputy Minister of Transport, Communication and Information Technologies of Armenia
Moritz Kaminski
Business Architect
Blockchain and IoT
at Bosch Digital Solutions
Alexander Shulgin
Visionary, Investor, Founder & CEO at "Gruppa Kompaniy Familia" Blockchain Fund
Tal Catran
Accelerators Guru, Tech Investor, Start-Up Ecosystem Builder, Startup Nation & TEDx Tech Speaker
Sony Kapoor
Advisor on Financial Policy and Investment Strategy of EU and emerging economy Governments
Oleg Seydak
Chief Executive Officer
and Founder at Blackmoon,
Co-Founder at Flint Capital
Prof Simon Choi
Expert in M&A, ICO,
Crypto Finance and Regulations,
Advisor at Asia Equity Exchange
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Basel is regarded as the cultural capital of Switzerland, located at the heart of Europe, at the point where France, Germany and Switzerland all meet.

It hosts headquarters of globally leading companies (Novartis, Hoffman La Roche, Straumann, Actelion, etc.) and is recognised as Europe's most important life science location, Switzerland's oldest university city and a leading European location for teaching and research.

The Congress Centre Basel ( is the biggest centre of this kind in Switzerland, situated in the city center. It became a home for the greatest international events and exhibitions for many industries. This time it will host the Blockchain Leadership Summit.


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(Summer Price)
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Our previous summit

On March 9, 2018 we had the first edition of the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Zurich. At the unique location of The Dolder Grand Hotel we gathered together over 500 of the world's TOP experts, proactive investors and recognised visionaries in the Blockchain industry to discuss the current state and the foreseen future of the decentralised world.
Blockchain Leadership Summit, Zurich
The first event was held at the prestigious Hotel Dolder in Zurich, Switzerland
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