Blockchain Applied:
Real Business Cases
From Industry Leaders

23–24 November 2018
Congress Center Basel, Switzerland
Find out how to increase profit and optimise costs in your business by properly applying blockchain technology. Learn from the real cases by industry leaders in real sector of economics.

Win the business-game with blockchain!
+ For startups

Meet and communicate directly with the professional investors, pitch your project, raise funds and get straightforward feedback from investors, mentors and prominent experts. Showcase in front of thousands, and learn from the industry legends the HOW-to of blockchain world applied to real business.
+ For investors, VCs, family funds

Network with relevant business partners and co-investors, be the first to hear about the latest promising startups - future unicorns and industry drivers, learn from the experts about compliant and secured investments in blockchain-related initiatives.
+ For business owners

How to increase the efficiency of your business processes, improve your money flow, reduce security costs, facilitate workflow with blockchain technology - you will be the first to learn actual cases from top corporations (PwC, IBM, Bosch, Novartis, etc).
2 days
with exclusive content, intensive networking and face-to-face meetings

carefully selected, top-of-the-mind trendsetters from all over the world
2 500+
investors, politicians, executives, experts and startups from all over the world
400€ bln funds
jointly operated by private and institutional investors, participating in the summit


Joerg Gasser
State Secretary of International Financial Matters
Hon. Professor Edward Scicluna
Member of Parliament and Malta's Minister for Finance
Eric Jakob
Ambassador, Board Member, Federal Department of Economic Affairs,
Education and Research EAER
State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO
Prince Michael of Liechtenstein
Chairman of Wealth Preservation Experts & Chairman of Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG
Jason Hsu
President at Taiwan Parliamentary Coalition for Blockchain & Industry Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO)
Jeremy Light
Vice President at Ripple, formerly Head at Accenture Payment Services for Europe, Africa and Latin America
United Kingdom
Wilfried Pimenta
Business Development Director at the IOTA Foundation
Charles Hoskinson
CEO & Founder, IOHK
Tom Lyons
Executive Director, ConsenSys Research and Advisory
Jason Lau
Vice President of Business Development at OKEx
Hong Kong
Daniel Fritz
Supply Chain Domain Architect at Novartis
Marco Cuomo
Senior Digital Solutions Architect at Novartis
Niklas Nikolajsen
Founder, Chairman of the Board & co-CEO at Bitcoin Suisse, Pioneer of the Swiss Crypto-Financial Sector
Shuonan Chen
Founding Partner at IOVC & Agile VC, CEO at Shinect, Board Member at North America Blockchain Association
Rik Willard
Founder and Managing Director of Agentic Group
Patrick Bont
Executive Board Member of the Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein, Head of the Banking Division & FinTech Practice Leader
Aparna Krishnan
Co-Founder of Mechanism Labs, founder of Education Department at Blockchain at Berkeley
Robert Levin
CEO at Emerging Star Capital, Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum
John Riggins
Head of International Operations of BTC Media LLC, Leader in Digital Currency and Distributed Ledger Communications.
Denis Dovgopoliy
ICO investor, Managing Partner at GrowthUP Group, President at the GrowthUP Accelerator
Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna
Partner & Leader
PwC Legal Switzerland
Frederick M. Shepperd
CEO, at Shepperd Investors AG
Makoto Takemiya
CO CEO - Soramitsu Co LTD
Founder - SORA Token
Engineer - Hyperledger IROHA
Aviya Arika
Head of Aviya Law
Monty Metzger
CEO at LCX - Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange
Rohan Nasir Chaudhary
Co-Founder of Inkrypt,
Freedom of Information Advocate
André Guedel
KPMG Head International HQs Cluster– Crypto Economist
Sergei Sergienko
Founder and CEO at ChronoBank,
Director at Edway Group,
Tech Investor
Elliot Feeny
Senior Associate at BTC Labs, Strategy at,
Blockchain Media Specialist
Kairat Kelimbetov
Governor of Astana International Financial Centre, Republic of Kazakhstan
Amalya Yeghoyan
Regional HighTech Development Manager in Enterprise Incubator Foundation & Executive Director in GITC.
Marc P. Bernegger
Board Member – Crypto Finance Group
Moritz Kaminski
Business Architect
Blockchain and IoT
at Bosch Digital Solutions
Prof. Dr. Fabian Schär
Professor for Distributed Ledger Technologies and Fintech, University of Basel
Managing Director, Center for Innovative Finance, University of Basel
Ben D. Banerjee
Board Member at European Family Offices Alliance, InnMind & Swiss Impact Investment Association, Fundraising Advisor
Alexander Shulgin
Investor, Founder & CEO at
"Gruppa Kompaniy Familia" Blockchain Fund
Tal Catran
Accelerators Guru, Tech Investor, Start-Up Ecosystem Builder, Startup Nation & TEDx Tech Speaker
Sony Kapoor
Advisor on Financial Policy and Investment Strategy of EU and emerging economy Governments
Oleg Seydak
Chief Executive Officer
and Founder at Blackmoon,
Co-Founder at Flint Capital
Prof Simon Choi
Expert in M&A, ICO,
Crypto Finance and Regulations,
Advisor at Asia Equity Exchange
Dr. Efi Pylarinou
Independent Fintech & Blockchain Advisor,
Influencer, co-founder of DailyFintech
Dmitri Kosten
VP for special projects - RACIB
Monique Morrow
President and Co-Founder, The Humanized Internet
Prof. Sally Eaves
CTO and Advisor on Blockchain,
AI and FinTech
Technology Influencer,
Author and Speaker
UK Government Blockchain Association Lead for Social Impact
United Kingdom
Thomas Dünser
Senior consultant to the prime minister of Liechtenstein,
Project leader of the "Blockchain-Act" in Liechtenstein
Lahcen Haddad
Minister of Tourism
International expert in strategic management, monitoring and evaluation, human development, entrepreneurship, democracy and governance and communication.
Mamadou Toure
Chairman and CEO of Ubuntu Group. Forbes top 10 most influential people in Africa (2014)

Igor Jiang
Managing partner of FinForge Fund, Eastern Europe blockchain lab, member of CryptoValley Association
Michael Mosimann
Counsel (Attorney-at-Law & Civil Law Notary) at Prager Dreifuss AG
Sáva Savić
Assistant Minister for Information Society and Information Security at Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
Eduardo Salazar
Forctis AG


Friday, November 23

Registration & Coffee
Opening Ceremony Greetings from Swiss Federal & Basel Cantonal Authorities, Opening by Ben Banerjee
Keynote Speech and Panel Dialog Recent trends and significant updates in blockchain industry in 2018
Keynote and Panel Discussion Public Sector Value Drivers: Healthcare, E-ledgers, E-ID, Personal Data storage, Insurance, Taxation, Elections, IoT, etc.
Keynote Governance and Leadership in Blockchain
Experts Interview Highlights on ICO in 2018: overview and trends and big changes
Panel Discussion Political Leaders & Governments: what they do in their regions to develop crypto & blockchain ecosystem
Workshop Tokenomics: explanation and step-by-step guide on tokenization of business model
Keynote Taxation, legalization, insurance of crypto assets: current challenges.
Workshop Types of tokens, classifications & what you need to know about tokens
Panel Discussion Financial Regulation: Declaring crypto-assets and fulfilling compliance requirements in different countries
Workshop Security tokens: token structure, differences and security token offering explanation
Panel Discussion Institutional and corporate investment sector: IB and funds working with crypto and blockchain technology
Startup Presentations and Pitches
Keynote and Panel Discussion Blockchain Philosophy. Keeping it decentralized, anonymous, community-oriented, smart solutions based vs private blockchain, sidechain, regulatory control
Panel Discussion The Internet of Value (IOV) era powered by Blockchain Technology

Saturday, November 24

Registration & Coffee
Opening Keynote
Experts Dialog Public Blockchain VS Private Blockchain
Panel Discussion Economy Revival and Advance Smaller states initiating and promoting government programs for crypto and blockchain development; next industrial revolution
Panel Discussion Most advanced DLT Protocols
Keynote Marketing and blockchain: issue of "old" media and new approach to communication with audience
Expert Dialog ICO Ratings: does the market need them?
Panel Discussion Marketing and new media on blockchain. How integration of blockchain based apps will change digital marketing. New media on blockchain
Workshop Rating Methodology, Trust rate, expertise level
Keynote Crypto Exchanges
Keynote Scam & non-professional investors on the market: VC point
Panel Discussion Centralized Exchanges in a world of decentralized currencies; centralized liquidity domination
Panel Discussion Assessment & DD: Investors & VCs talking about HOW to assess ICOs and what points to pay attention on. Metrics, Assessment, etc
Keynote and Panel Discussion Blockchain in Academia. World’s best universities (ETH, Berkley, Harvard, MIT, etc.) and their developments on blockchain
Workshop Crypto Trading: Lemmings on the market: trading must-knows from professionals; market making and AML risks.
Workshop Private Funds: Portfolio management, strategies, services
Panel Discussion Designing a new social contract for the digital age How to strike the best social contract for a new digital age, and what this would mean for policy and regulation. How to best digitalise democracy.
Keynote and Workshop How to design a proper post-ICO strategy
Workshop Securities and Asset Tokenization Experts from VC and IB talking about Securities, Bond and Asset backed tokens in DApp development
Keynote and Panel Discussion Tokenizing the Unthinkable ICOs in psychiatry, biotech\biohacking, space development, flying taxis, etc.
Panel Discussion Social Oriented Blockchain Projects Social influence, charity: advantages and projects
Pitches of the winners of the startup competition!
Closing Presentation & Summit Summary


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Blockchain Leadership Summit starts:

The biggest industry event in Switzerland
called "the New WEF in Blockchain"

About Summit

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"Making the world of crypto larger. Bringing people closer."
Summit's mission is observing the world of blockchain and presenting the latest insights and cases from industry leaders, visioneers, developers and experts to public.

Its the highest value we hold in delivering the truly valuable insights to technological advance, financial wisdom and mechanics and ways of converting the traditional businesses, industries and social economics to the new era of shared value.

The Blockchain Leadership Summit is designed to become a continuation of our event earlier this year with a deeper immersion into the rise of the new technological revolution.

The primary focus of this large scale event is to Unite the brightest minds of the developing industries with the whales of the fiat world, Let the most promising projects and start-ups learn about entering and changing the market and See how politicians, businesses and individuals would change the world around us by implementing blockchain and accepting crypto in their cashflows.
Initiated by:

InnMind - the leading platform for startups, investors, experts and ecosystem players. Place, where innovations and tech companies get funded, accelerated and grow internationally.

Launched in 2016 in Switzerland, today InnMind connects over 20000 of industry professionals from 70+ countries worldwide.


Basel is regarded as the cultural capital of Switzerland, located at the heart of Europe, at the point where France, Germany and Switzerland all meet.

It hosts headquarters of globally leading companies (Novartis, Hoffman La Roche, Straumann, Actelion, etc.) and is recognised as Europe's most important life science location, Switzerland's oldest university city and a leading European location for teaching and research.

The Congress Center Basel ( is the biggest centre of this kind in Switzerland, situated in the city center. It became a home for the greatest international events and exhibitions for many industries. This time it will host the Blockchain Leadership Summit.

Our previous summit reviews

Blockchain Leadership Summit, Zurich
The first event was held at the prestigious Hotel Dolder in Zurich, Switzerland
On March 9, 2018 we had the first edition of the Blockchain Leadership Summit in Zurich. At the unique location of The Dolder Grand Hotel we gathered together over 500 of the world's TOP experts, proactive investors and recognised visionaries in the Blockchain industry to discuss the current state and the foreseen future of the decentralised world.
3 exclusive videos for free
We've created a special package that will show you how to convince investors and win the pitch without slides, the behind-the-scenes of a Photochain project and a valuable conference on ICO regulation:
  • ICO winning pitch: Livetree, the world's first film & television coin
  • PWC workshop on ICO regulation, taxation and legal setup
  • ICO winning pitch: Photochain, blockchain based business model to trade digital images
The Blockchain Leadership Summit at the Dolder hotel in Zurich was an amazing international experience. Immersed in the stunning art installations of the Dolder hotel; amongst an international crowd from Russia, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, the Americas,…; and with panel discussions on a variety of short-term and longer-term topics of concern. Organized by Innmind, a global community of all stakeholders in the startup scene, and in partnership with Kickico

Efi Pylarinou
Fintech thought-leader, consultant and investor
During the Blockchain Leadership Summit, which took place in Zurich on March 9th 2018 I stressed that blockchain based solutions are among the most up-to-date methods and techniques, and those need to be employed both by the government sector and private enterprises. Among other benefits are the unrestricted nature of digital money, which is not subject to any unpredictable freezes and sanctions, thus reducing political risks. In this respect, Russian banks are looking closely into switching some of their international operations into crypto forms.
Dr. Sergey Glazyev
economic advisor to the President of Russia
Thank you very much for your great support and the organization of that amazing event. It was a great pleasure to be part of the summit and to make a lot of new connections. I've also posted the positive results regarding the ICO pitch contest in a LinkedIn post. Would appreciate if you could like the post and letting it go viral.
Ralf Gerteis
Strategic ICO Advisor, Board Member, Accelerator
A very big thank you to the organisers from the Digipharm team! It was a pleasure meeting many interesting people & being able to introduce our project:
Girisha Fernando

Co-Founder/COO DIGIPHARM.IO, Fair pricing in healthcare with blockchain
Want to say a big thank you to Katerina Voronova and Nelli Orlova, for organising this wonderful event. It was very useful. Team has got a lot of feedback on our projects, lots of tips, lots of interesting acquaintances for even more fruitful work. Continue in such a de spirit! to all a good year, see you soon!
We have received extremely positive feedback from guests, speakers and partners of #BLS2018 and sincerely appreciate all your good words and wishes, your energy and commitment, participation and suggestions of support. Thank you so much!
InnMind team
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