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9 March
Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018 is the main conference and professional discussion
of world's TOP experts, proactive investors and recognised visionaries in blockchain industry about the current state and the foreseen future of decentralized world.

It's a global Think Tank of decision and policy makers from blockchain and crypto world.

Zürich, Switzerland
30+ Speakers
Vision Hall
Enterprise Hall
Prince Michael of Liechtenstein
Chairman of Industrie- und Finanzkontor Ets., Wealth Preservation Experts (I&F) & Chairman of Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG (GIS)

Dr. Matthias Michel
Head of the Department of Economic Affairs of Canton Zug, Swiss Government member

Dr. Sergey Glazyev
The Advisor of the president of Russian Federation, Economist, Russian Academy of Science
Louis de Bruin
Leader of the IBM Global Business Services European Blockchain practice
William Mougayar
Investor, Board Advisor at Ethereum Foundation, author of The Business Blockchain
Carmen Walker Späh
Government Councillor, Head of the Department for Economic Affairs, Canton Zurich
Benjamin Buergi
FinTech Analyst at FMA — Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein
Reuben Godfrey
Co-founder of the Blockchain Association of Ireland, Ireland's Crypto Coast
Kairat Kelimbetov
Governor of Astana International Financial Centre, Republic of Kazakhstan
Prof. Olinga Taeed
Director of the Blockchain UN Lab, the CyberFutures education foundation
Cornelia Meyer
An independent energy expert in OPEC, international economist
Kristof Van de Reck
Founding member, Council member and Regional head Europe of Foundation
Dan Roseman
Technical Project Lead at Coinbase, Founder at
Michael Mosimann
Attorney-at-Law at Wenger & Vieli, Legal Support for Token Generation Events
Peter E. Braun
Member of the Board of Directors at European Business Angel Network
Kevin van der Veer
Co-founder at Dutch Blockchain Network (DBN), Board Member at IDACB
Dr. Efi Pylarinou
Fintech & Blockchain Advisor, Senior Partner Rothbadi & Co, Co-founder of Daily Fintech
Johann Gevers
Founder & CEO of Monetas, President of the Tezos Foundation
Linda Zeilina
Special Advisor on Sustainability Strategies at Re-Define
Ralf Glabischnig
Co-Founder at Lakeside Partners, Managing Partner at inacta AG
Beat Bannwart
Head Strategic Innovation & Market Development at UBS Switzerland AG
Mauro Casellini
Head of Corporate Clients and Payment Service Providers at Bank Frick & CO. AG
Makoto Takemiya
Co-CEO at Soramitsu, computer scientist, Hyperledger Iroha.
Assylbek Davletov
Chief FinTech Officer at Astana Financial Services Authority
Prof. John Savage
The "Father" of Computer Science, Professor at Brown University
Prof. Reza Abhari
Institute for Science, Technology and Policy, ETH Zurich
Bogdan Stepanov
Head of Business Development at Genexi, Investment fund based on blockchain
Dr. Guenther Dobrauz
Partner with PwC in Zurich and Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland
Nicolai Oster
Head of ICO, leading the ICO Department at Bitcoin Suisse
Daniel Haudenschild
Chief Executive Officer of Swisscom Blockchain AG
Rik Willard
Founder & Managing Director at Agentic Group
Mark Taverner
Bitfury Global Ambassador, The Bitfury Group
Anti Danilevski
CEO of KICKICO, expert in the crypto market
John Biggs
Editor at Tech Crunch, entrepreneur, consultant, writer
Sven Moeller
Head of Initial Coin Offering at Swisscom Blockchain AG
Avi Mizrahi
News Editorat Bitcoin.Com, economist and entrepreneur
Andrej Nabergoj
President at NiceHash, Chairman at YES, Young Global Leader WEF
Ashley Turing
LiveTree CEO, an entrepreneur and investor
Steve Bassi
CEO at Polyswarm
Marc P. Bernegger
Crypto entrepreneur and investor, Board at Crypto Finance Group, Falcon Bank
Frederik Gregaard
Lead at PwC's Digital Accelerator, digital asset management expert
Igor Khmel
CEO and Founder at BANKEX, co-founder at MovieCoin
Ben Banerjee
Co-founder at Swiss Impact Investment Association, Board Member at InnMind
Hendrik Hey
Founder and CEO at Welt der Wunder TV
Girisha Fernando
Co-Founder & COO at Digipharm
Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr
Managing Editor at Cointelegraph. Ph.D. in political science
Anton Churyumoff
Founder at Byteball

Opening Speeches
Vision Hall
What is the future and the place of Blockchain in the world? Listen to state representatives and the world's top industry experts share their experience and vision on how the new technological era will globally affect economies and societies.
Social and Economic Prospects of Blockchain Technologies
What is the future and the place of Blockchain in the world? Listen to state representatives and the world's top industry experts sharing their experience and vision on how the new technological era will globally affect economies and societies.
Workshop PwC Switzerland
Enterprise Hall
The multi-disciplinary PwC Legal team will provide a comprehensive workshop addressing all key areas of setting up in Switzerland for crypto and blockchain business. They will be covering inter alia incorporation, immigration, tax, regulatory clearance approval/licensing with Swiss regulator FINMA, ICO process, and token classi cation and will be available for Q&A.
Workshop PolySwarm
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contract Security Pitfalls & SolutionsThe decentralized nature of blockchain applications presents a double-edged sword. Blockchain technology enables transactions that circumvent traditional institutional structures, but demands that users accept ultimate responsibility for the custodianship of their assets: coins, tokens, and CryptoKitties. With $1B USD in digital assets lost or stolen so far, many users and exchanges have failed in this custodianship.
Blockchain Business Integration
Vision Hall
How tokenization and blockchain integration can boost business process ef ciency. Top experts from a wide range of industries will share their opinion and use cases from their own experience.
Workshop ByteBall
Enterprise Hall
Crypto solutions for the real world: features, advantages, real working solutions by ByteBall.
Lunch Break
Startup Pitch
Enterprise Hall
Trends and prospects, risk assessment methodology, portfolio management; ICO market analysis; diversification, scoring methodology and success stories.
Blockchain Financial and Social Implementation and Impact
Vision Hall
Start-ups from all over the world will present their projects and inventions to the public
and describe their models, business plans and services in detail.
Blockchain Oriented Environment
Advantages and costs of building an infrastructure for healthy industry development.
Coffee Break
Regulatory Threats and Opportunities
How regulators from different countries in the world consider crypto currencies. Sharing insights on legal practices, sand boxes, regulatory environments.
Workshop NiceHash
Enterprise Hall
Mining: Economic forces and future trends of the mining sector. Nicehash miner and the hashing power marketplace creating a sharing economy.
Initial Coin Offering: Good Practice
Vision Hall
When, Why and How to make an ICO. Traditional fundraising methods versus crowd sale. Let's discuss and analyse failures, learn about top mistakes of tokenized startups and understand how to organise a proper token generation event.
Gala Dinner
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