AI & Blockchain Summit is happy to present you our
Spread the word on LinkedIn about your summit experience and get a chance to win a NANO-LEDGER!
To participate in the contest, follow these 3 simple steps
Take a picture
Take a picture at AI & Blockchain Summit (selfie, you smiling and having a great time, other people at the event… it's up to you!).
Publish this picture on your personal LinkedIn feed with a short text of your preference.

IMPORTANT! Add the following set of hashtags into your post: #BLS_contest #BLS #BLS2019 #SCEWC_BLS #BLS_Barcelona and don't forget to follow our page on LinkedIn:
The more you post, the greater your chances are to win the prize!
WHAT: LinkedIn contest to win Nano-Ledger, a world's best selling hardware wallet based on a special chip for optimal security to protect your storage of various cryptocurrencies

HOW: Follow our page on LinkedIn, take a photo and publish it with hashtags #BLS_contest #BLS #BLS2019 #SCEWC_BLS #BLS_Barcelona

WHEN: 3 consecutive days! Each day we will be randomly selecting a winner. The video with the results will be published on our LinkedIn page at the end of each day, at around 5 pm. The more you post, the more chances you get to win!

WHERE TO CLAIM THE PRIZE: At the AI & Blockchain Summit reception desk. If you don't find it, look for the representatives of the event and we will guide you!

IS IT A JOKE: Absolutely not! It's that simple and anyone can win. Just share some awesome photos, follow us on LinkedIn and don't forget the hashtags!
Participate in our contest and spread the word to maximize your experience at AI & Blockchain Summit!